Private Math Tutoring

Perhaps our videos have been helpful, but you could still benefit from personal one-on-one private tutoring. We have a few options that may be able to help.

Option 1:

Henson Tutoring – Get private one-on-one tutoring via Skype with Devin Henson, the founder of Firefly Lectures. Devin will use the same conversational down-to-earth style to explain mathematical concepts to you just like in the hundreds of videos on this site. Rate is $50/hour.

Option 2:

Skooli – Skooli provides a more affordable alternative than meeting with Devin via Skype. Meet with a private tutor online for just about any subject one-on-one. Tutors are available just about 24/7 for quite a number of subjects. Give them a try if you need help with a specific problem or if you cannot find a video on Firefly Lectures that meets your needs.