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If you have a college .edu email address, I highly recommend trying Amazon Student. It is really amazing. Lightning fast free shipping helps you get your textbooks on time, without spending a lot of money. And get free 2 day shipping on your other Amazon purchases as well. Boom!

Open Educational Resources (OER) — Free Textbook Alternatives:

Often times, there are high quality open educational resources (called OER’s) that can supplement the required textbook for your class. If you are watching our videos as a hobby or not-for-credit, an OER is highly preferable than buying an expensive textbook. If you have an expensive required textbook for your class this semester, I would recommend sharing these OER with your instructor for future semesters. Feel free to check out the popular OER resources below:


Contact your instructor or look online to find the “ISBN” number for your textbooks, then compare prices from the links below. You can purchase a new textbook, or just rent one for the semester. These are the industry leaders in competitively priced textbooks.

Popular textbooks

Below are direct links to some of the most popular textbooks and eLearning resources nationwide.


A calculator is crucial to success in most every math class. Right now the most functional calculator on the market is the Ti-Nspire CX CAS. The CAS stands for Computer Algebra System and it can actually do algebraic manipulations among other things. If you are taking Algebra, it will understand that x+x equals 2x. That also means it is able to actually solve equations that contain variables, such as quadratic equations. If you are taking calculus, it can actually compute derivatives and integrals symbolically (amazing!). It also has a color screen which is very plesant. The difference between the Ti-Nspire CX CAS model and the CX model is that the CX does not have the computer algebra system, which is a considerable difference. If you’re looking for a less expensive more basic calculator, the TI-84 Silver has the best balance of power, functionality, ease of use, and COST for any student as long as you’re not taking an advanced calculus class. If you are taking (or will soon take) advanced calculus or a graduate mathematics class, I would still recommend the Ti-Nspire, but the TI-89 is also a good choice. The TI-89 is not quite as user friendly as the TI-84, but it has a few additional features such as 3D graphing, etc.

Study Guides:

Are you prepping for a major standardized test, such as the SAT, ACT, or MCAT? Get your printed study material here.


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