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The videos below cover what is traditionally covered in Beginning and Intermediate Algebra. These courses are also often called Algebra I & II, or Elementary Algebra in high school.

Algebra Review

A quick overview of some things we will need to brush up on before we begin our Algebra class. If you feel comfortable with the basic operations related to numbers, including fractions, you may be able to skip this unit.

Linear Equations: 1 Variable

In this unit, we look at the definition of a linear equation in one variable, as well as how to solve linear equations and inequalities. We also discuss how to solve linear equations related to real life applications.

Linear Equations: 2 Variables

In this unit we take a look at different techniques for how to graph linear equations in two variables.

Exponents and Polynomials

In this unit we will begin with a brief overview of exponent properties. We will then transition into talking about polynomials – specifically, how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide polynomials.

Factoring and Quadratic Equations

In this unit we will look at different ways to factor polynomials, including greatest common factors, trial and error, factor by grouping, and special factoring forms. We will also focus more specifically at the end of the unit on quadratic equations.

Absolute Value Functions

In this chapter, we study how to solve equations that contain absolute values. Extra caution must be taken when an equation contains absolute values, and one absolute value equation often requires us to solve multiple different linear or quadratic equations.

Rational Functions

Many algebra courses devote an entire unit to rational expressions. We will cover all the main topics you need to know regarding rational expressions, functions, and equations.

Systems of Linear Equations

A system of equations is a combination of two or more equations. A solution to a system of equations must satisfy all of the equations at the same time. In this unit we discuss different methods to solve systems of equations.

Radical Equations

Radicals are a common algebra operation we see quite frequently. Common types of radicals include “square roots” and “cube roots”. In this unit we explore radicals and how to solve equations that include radicals.